Parson Russell terrier a Komondor Obojky a vodítka Venchim

Parson Russell terrier and Komondor - of Beautiful Cold Hill

 Parson Russell terrier puppies


We plan our next litter in the second half of 2024. Dam will be our Xia and it will be her last litter. Our Minie will have her first litter.


Do you wish to know more?
You can visit my kennel after previous agreement anytime you wish and meet the breed. In case you are not sure JRT is the right breed for you, I will gladly discuss my point of view on life with this little big breed. If you are not able to come personaly, it is possible to consult via phone, Whats App or Facebook.

Getting on our waiting list
If you are seriously interested in a puppy from me, I will write you down on my waiting list. As soon as I plan a litter and it is your turn to have chance for a puppy, I will let you know and you decide if you wish to have a puppy from the particular litter. If your answer is yes, I will keep you updated regarding mating, pregnancy and birth of a litter.

When you are absolutely sure that you wish to have a puppy from me, I will ask you for a deposit after the puppies are born.
The reason I am asking a deposit is to make sure you are serious and though twice before adding a new family member to your home. As a breeder I spend a lot for promoting my dogs and litters and I can satisfy only limited numbers of takers. I have to refuse the rest of takers (and we understand they are going to ask for a puppy in other kennels). When the pups are ready to leave to their new homes and I am suddenly informed that the future owners changed their mind, I am suddenly not in a good situation. After that I have extra expences with advertising, taking care of the puppy, vet care, food and traning until I find a new suitable future owner.

The deposit is a third of a price of a puppy and when a buying contract is being signed the deposit is subtracted from the purchase price.

The deposit is refundable in following cases:
a) death of a puppy, its illness or injury with permanent consequences, which happened before the buying contact was signed;
b) in case a taker booked a puppy for breeding purposes and the puppy has eventually occured not to be suitable for breeding program due to a fault which appeared before a buying contract was signed;
c) the booking was cancelled by the breeder

In case available puppies are ready to leave to their new homes, the deposit is not necessary and full price of a puppy is paid on the day of signing the buying contract and taking your new puppy home with you.

The buying contract
The buyer gets buying contract and has time to study it carefully. When you agree and check the puppy, they buying contract signed by you are as a buyer and me - breeder as a seller. One original stays with you and one with me.
The buying contract is being signed on the day when you pick up your puppy. The future owners also get info ragerding feeding, vaccinations, echinococcus treatment and taking care of a puppy. The puppy leaves my place with basic equipment, is treated for echinococcus, vaccinated and has international pet passport. The pedigree is sent to a new owner when I recieve it from the kennel club.

Is it not possible for you to pick up your puppy when the time comes?
It happens from time to time that new owner can't pick up his pup, when they are ready to leave (8th-9th week of age). In that case I will ofcourse keep the puppy with me longer for few more days. If it is a longer lapse (a week or even more), I am going to ask you to cover our extra expences.

If a puppy is traveling abroad, please make sure to check twice conditions for importing a puppy. A future owners also pays for any expences connected with the travel, additional vaccinations, veterinary protocol and feeding of a puppy until it can leave our country to its new home (most countries demand complete vaccination scheme + 21 days, which means 15 weeks of age).

Staré Křečany, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 737 432 814

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